The Bluegrass Element

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The Bluegrass Element

Circle Game

The Grass Less Traveled: Georgia Peaches

Sycamore Bend: Cold Hard Winter

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The Grass Less Traveled: Leaving Pike County

The Tone-Gard™

Tony Pires, mandolin player in the Grass Less Traveled, is also well known as the inventor, designer, and builder of the Tone-Gard™.  The Tone-Gard™ is designed to isolate the back of a mandolin (or any similar instrument) from the player's body, producing more volume and enhancing the tone.  

Preeminent mandolinists — such as David Grisman, Ricky Skaggs, Chris Thile, Andy Statman, Mike Marshall, John Reischman, Chris Hillman, Roland White, Radim Zenkl, Dana Rath, Tom Rozum, Eric Thompson, Emory Lester, and many others — use and recommend the Tone-Gard™.


The Tone-Gard
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